Customize Rubber Mouse Pad / Desk Mat

Selected high-quality rubber and fabric, with top-notch workmanship.

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Additional information


mouse pad


rubber + cloth


1 piece

Sampling fee



Around USD 2/pc

Product Details

Custom Remark:

  • Can customize totally as your design file;
  • The MOQ is 1 pc if you want to customize. No more extra fee;
  • 1~3 working days to complete.



-Material: cloth cover + rubber, washable

-Thickness: 2~6mm

-Size: all sizes


Customization Remind:

-Horizontal image, size should be as close to the mouse scale as possible;

-Picture pixel size ≥ 1920 * 1080, the larger the better;

-Important information should be centered as much as possible, and the edges would be cut 1-2 cm if necessary.

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