Aluminum Alloy Artisan Keycaps ESC Custom

These artisan keycaps are made of zinc-aluminum alloy ZNAL903, with 3D relief design.  Adopts various coloring processes such as electroplating,electrophoresis, and baking paint.

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Custom alu alloy keycap


Aluminum alloy



Product Details


1) The metal case can be customized with your logo & brand. The MOQ is 100 pcs;

2) For customization of artisan keycap, the MOQ is 80 pcs;

3) Sampling fee is about USD 250, providing 5 samples generally;

4) Sampling leading time is about 15 days, mass production leading time is about 30~40 days.


Quoting table for reference, need your file to quote further:

  • ≥80 pcs,   USD 7.2/pc
  • ≥240 pcs, USD 6/pc
  • ≥480 pcs, USD 5.7/pc


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